Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Exonia Hosting wants to emphasize the importance of the quality and performance of our network to our clients, that’s why we have our comprehensive SLA to secure both our rights as a provider and your rights as a client. Exonia Innovations, LLC dBa Exonia Hosting ("Our", "Us", "We") address to cover the following for all clients ("Client”, “You").

Network Availability

The physical network is guaranteed to have 99.99% uptime across all locations at any given time. Uptime will be measured by our status page, and our provider’s graphs and monitoring systems. Performance credit will be issued for network downtime, as follows: (Y * X) / 24 Y = Setup Fee / Service Price | X = Days Late (for setup / Hours Affected (Network downtime)). For example, if you paid $20/monthly for a service, and the service had 20 hours of downtime, we would calculate the performance credit as follows: (20 * 20) / 24 = $16.67.

Hardware Availability

Hardware and machines will be ready 100% of the time within the setup and install intervals of the given items. If this install interval is not met the setup or installation fee will be waived and refunded to the client. Our machines will be ready to run applicable services 100% of the time. All dedicated machines leased to clients are equipped with an identical drive of the clients choice(same as drive 1 option), for redundancy and data protection.

Setup / Install Intervals

Setup intervals will be met 100% of the time, per the listed or purchased setup interval. If an issue arises in shipping or processing the item, and a notice is received, a Performance credit of $5 USD will be issued for each business day that the server is not deployed. If a dedicated server installation setup interval in not met due to Exonia Hosting and/or its direct providers, the installation fee will be waived and refunded. Game Hosting setup intervals vary from 60 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on the size of the game files. Exonia Hosting guarantees game services will have a provisioning time no longer than 1 hour in the rarest of cases. Web Hosting is guaranteed to be provisioned and setup within 24 hours in rare cases (Usually seconds). Virtual services are typically installed within minutes; however, we guarantee installation intervals of up to 2 hours.

Performance Credit

Performance credit is account credit issued for SLA based compensations. Performance credit can only be issued if reported, and performance credit is non-withdrawable. Performance credit can be used towards any Exonia Hosting services. Performance credits can only be obtained by contacting our support team within 72 hours of an issue.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance is any downtime that has been announced by Exonia Hosting or its providers prior to the incident.

Support Boundaries

Exonia Hosting offers premium support for all our services. Exonia Hosting support will be available 100% of the time, via our support ticket system or email. Our live chat will be available during most normal business hours. We cannot log in to a dedicated machine or virtual server being leased by a client.

Software Availability

Software leased by Exonia Hosting will be available 100% of the time, and any licenses leased are subject to change or termination at any time at the discretion of Exonia Hosting. In the event software is unavailable or fails due to an issue directly caused by Exonia Hosting's network or hardware, it will be considered network downtime.

Hosting Availability

All our hosting services will be available 100% of the time within their respected setup intervals. If a service is not setup with the given setup or installation interval the duration past the promised installation date will be counted as network downtime.

Support Services

Exonia Hosting will provide support for all services we offer, within the scope of our support boundaries.

DDoS Attacks

In the event of a DDoS attack, the client who is targeted will not be credited for downtime of any kind. Any clients affected by the DDoS attack that were not targeted are entitled to the downtime as network downtime. These clients still must submit an SLA request ticket through our support system.